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You don't speak Italian very well because it's not your native language?
You speak Italian very well but still want to read in another language?
You just want to bother us and see in which languages we can translate Blue?
Well, you're in the right place!


Below the list of languages in which Blue is currently available,
with the names of its translators.
If you want to translate Blue in one of the languages written here,
or in a missing one on the list, write to Daleko (Ita, Eng, Fr) or Loba Roja (Ger, Eng, Fr, Esp).


Deutsch -- hier clicken
(Übersetzt von Loba Roja)

English -- click here
(written by Daleko)

Español -- haga clic aquí
(Traducido por Antonella delle Donne)

Français -- clique ici
(traduit par Charbon)

Italiano -- clicca qui
(tradotto da Daleko)

Română -- apasă aici
(tradus de Elis)

中文 -- 点击这儿